Crushes are evergreen. Be it the cute chocolate boy at 18 or the handsome hunk in your office at 25. And, being girls, your curious minds would desperately want to find out, if your crush wants you too. Does he like you? Do his eyes stealthily watch you when pass by him or does he deliberately follow you to the coffee counter? Maybe. Maybe not.

your crush likes you
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Wanna find out? Then stay tuned for this article, to know if your crush likes you back by his biological, sociological and purely physiological factors, which are some of the proven scientific signs.


Is he scratching his beard?

When guys see something or someone they like, a rush of blood goes directly to their face which results in making their face hot and itchy and thus they end up in scratching their beard unknowingly.

scratching beard, your crush likes you
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So, next time you exchange a look with him or talk with him, try to notice if he scratches his beard or not. If he does, then probably he likes you too.


Does he match your pace?

Science has proven that when a person feels connected or tuned to someone, they have a tendency to match his/her walking pace with their walking partner.

matching walking pace, your crush likes you
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So, if you are walking with your crush and he happens to match his walking pace with you, then he likes you. In case, you both aren’t walking together but he happens to just cross by you and if he tries to match your walking pace, then he is probably noticing you.


Does he give an eyebrow flash?

Your crush might not have a beard if he is the cute chocolate boy. Still, he triggers a sign which can prove that he likes you.

eyebrow flash, your crush wants you
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It is scientifically proven that if a man sees something that he is attracted to then, he happens to unconsciously raise his eyebrows up and down, as his focus increases.

It might happen that he is just living his everyday life, smiling and giggling around and suddenly he gives an eyebrow flash when he looks at you. And, bingo, he sure likes you.


Other Facial Expressions

Also, if your crush likes you back then he might indulge himself in licking his lips unconsciously while chatting with you or even standing quietly.

licking lips, your crush wants you
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Not to forget, his eyes might have pupil dilation, which implies that when guys look at someone they like, their pupils tend to expand and their eyes have a twinkle.

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So, next time you’re around your crush, try to notice him.


Do his friends tease him?

Yes! No doubt we girls share the news about our new crush with our besties, but you would be amused to know that even some of the boys have the tendency to do so.

So, if you find your crush’s friends, teasing him around you, then you can be sure that he has confessed his crush towards to you to them and thus are teasing.


Does he practice man-spreading?

Men usually, also have the tendency to sit with arms and legs wide open while they are on the girl, they like. This is known as man-spreading. It implies that he is providing signs that he is easily available to you more than you think.

man spreading, your crush wants you
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So, next time you’re around your crush, keep noticing him stealthily, keeping these factors in mind, until you are sure about your feelings.


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