The first interaction with the person whom you like can either be a big strike or a total bust. Subsequently, all these initial interactions are going to ensure whether it’s going to be a long term thing or will end rather soon. To ascertain that, it’s necessary not to let on how much you want it. In short, you should not seem desperate. And to help you keep up that decent image of yours, here are 5 tips to stop you looking desperate.

Don’t spill the beans


You decide to tell her about your feelings. You declare everything, how much you love her, that you’ll treat her right, and you simply start doing like a salesman describing all pros of a product. At the end, all you get to hear is “I don’t want to mess up our friendship”. Don’t let that happen. Flirt with her and create some attraction before letting her know. And flirting with a girl whom you like, is totally fine, it doesn’t make you look cheap at all.

Too much of virtual stalking is harmful


If you’re connected with her via social media like Facebook and Instagram, it’s important to be careful of what you like. Don’t like posts of her that are too old. She might find this a tad bit creepy. Also, don’t browse too much, you might end up discovering things you shouldn’t have. She’d either find that flattering or totally weird and might stop talking to you. It’s also necessary to hold in mind that you shouldn’t add her on every social networking platform. She will clearly figure out that you’re stalking her.

Always available for her


If you want a high quality girl, you need to be a high quality guy first. Don’t carry that “always available for you” board with you. By doing so, you’re telling her that you’re mad about her and would do anything for her anytime. Fill your time with hobbies, work, friends and anything that you’re good at. Take up things and plan a schedule of yours. By doing so, You’re being a leader, and a fun and interesting person. And let’s admit, that’s what girls like.

Don’t lie to her, ever


Be yourself because that’s who you want her to like you for. And it’s an undeniable fact that girls are lie detectors in human guise. She’d eventually find out that you had been lying about something. Never lie to her, not even for the sake of impressing her. It might hurt (or annoy) her later when she finds out the truth. And if you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember things.

It’s okay if she doesn’t like you back


Stop worrying about her not liking you. When you start doing so, naturally you become appealing to her and others. She’ll be convinced that you’re not dying to be just with her. There are other girls as well and they are better. And let’s admit, girls like what they can’t have.


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