Everybody is already aware of the traits and characteristics boys like in their dream girls! But there is a never-ending list of things that girls like about boys. Some of the non-cliche things that boys would never think of being a turn on for girls are listed below.


The way they talk

Boys don’t really pay much attention to the way they talk in front of girls. But, this one thing about boys can be a major turn on for all the girls out there! The way a guy talks and presents himself describes his personality. When a guy is confident enough and uses proper language, the girls can’t help but drool over them!

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Their dress sense

The way a guy dress speaks a lot about their identity! A guy who turns up shabbily is presumed to be underconfident. While the ones who are suited up are generally considered as the chivalrous. Men who are dressed up well are a big turn on for girls; as everyone loves people who are able to present themselves assertively in public!



Most of the girls are not after the ‘Bad Boys’ as you may call them. Majority of them look forward to boys who are courteous enough to make them feel wanted and loved. Simple gestures like greeting them, allowing them to walk first, etc. can make a lot of effect on what a girl thinks about you!

love couple

Body odour

Little things like body odor are not given much relevance ever. But these are the small things that matter a lot for two people to get attracted to each other! Girls find it really sexy when boys smell good and a plus point is earned without even trying. So all you boys out there, do not forget to spray your favorite perfume the next time you go to meet your crush!


A Mature and Responsive Attitude

Girls like guys who are mature enough to handle situations on their own. It is a turn-off for girls when guys cannot take the lead and are dependant on others. When they take responsibility, girls get the reassurance of them being there in the future and hence girls can rely on them. So this is a big turn on for girls if guys are responsible and not immature.

love couple

Dominant Behaviour

Girls like when boys are dominant and use their powers fairly when it comes to bed. Not all girls like being ruled, but most of them do. When boys have their tricks and turns, it is a turn on for all the girls out there. Every guy has a Christian Grey in them, and the girls out there are dying to see it!

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