4 Gift Ideas which is out to Impress Your Girl

Confused on what to gift your girl for a given occasion (birthday, valentines day, anniversary etc)? well, grab a chair because the 4 ideas jotted below will make your woman not only happy but create a sense of trust, compatibility and make her go gaga over you.

If you think gifting her materialistic thing is going to make her happy, you may be wrong because your woman wants more to do with bonding and enhancing the relationship. It’s also necessary to pay attention to her likes and dislikes, you wouldn’t want your girlfriend to end up using something she doesn’t like.


1.A letter

Emotions and those feelings you are rather shy to express while you’re facing her can be expressed in your letter. It gives your woman a hint of wanting you in her life for a longer time because you actually paid attention to minute details about her. Also, the idea of her going through this letter in time will actually build a faint trust, no matter what the situation.


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2. A video/Slides of the two of you.


The real test of your relationship can be proved through this, collecting memories of your times with her and bringing out the best pictures/ slide shows can only make her want you more than ever. Also, make sure you present pictures of her&you which she is not completely aware of.


3. Take Her out

It’s important for your girl to know that you still love spending time with her, taking her out and making conversation will make you more confident of taking the next step of the relationship. It’s true that every girl loves attention, so make sure you’ve given her that and also this can give her a hint that you really care about her and you’re ready to face the world with her.


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4. Make Gifts

Making cards/posters, decorating a place etc are a few ideas. When you actually put the effort in making something for her, she’ll realize how much you’re actually into her and the amount of time you’ve spent in doing so much. This would make her idolize you and also remember that she’ll make sure that your effort doesn’t go in vain. She will forever be thankful.


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